Established in 2007, Synergicare LLC has been dedicated to offering quality healthcare education due to the efforts of.our President and speaker, Janette Dietzler-Otte. With a strong background in nursing education and over 28 years experience in various clinical settings both as a nurse and as a Manager. She works currently as the Manager of the outpatient Wound Treatment Center at St. Anthony's Medical Center in St Louis, MO.
Dedicated to providing healthcare education in a upbeat and interesting manner, Janette has extensive speaking and publication experience. She believes in providing education with a sense of humor. She is a speaker in demand across the US at many of the very large conferences and has published works on woundcare both in the US and worldwide publications. Her classes are designed for both quality information and advancements in the field. . She has been instrumental in designing and implementing inpatient Wound programs for a 500 bed facility and was a key member in the development and implementation of a new outpatient wound treatment center as well as an outpatient ostomy clinic and hyperbaric oxygen treatment center.
Janette Dietzler-Otte
President and Speaker of Synergicare LLC
About Us - Janette Dietzler-Otte of Synergicare LLC
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Our goal is to provide quality wound care education for healthcare providers.
Our Mission:
We strive to offer these classes in the most cost effective method for our customers and in line with current education trends.
We offer onsite classes in your facility or meeting room of your choice. Please email for questions or to discuss fee pricing and travel expense pricing.

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Poster Presenter 18th Annual Clinical Symposium on Advances in Wound Care
Working together to educate healthcare providers
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